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  1. Renovation at the office of West Bengal Urdu Academy is going on.
  • Free Coaching Centre– This year a total of 46 coaching centres were approved and started functioning from the month of February 2018 with approximately 6000 students. Tuitions are given in English, Urdu, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics for students of secondary school and Higher Secondary.
  • Bengali language -This year the Academy had only 1 (one) Bengali language centre for Urdu speaking people. During the period 115 students enrolled and 31 completed the course successfully.
  • Urdu language course– The course is very much popular and running in collaboration with National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language. During the period 47 students were enrolled.
  • Arabic language course– This course has been started in collaboration with National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language. During the period 49 students were enrolled.
  • Urdu Calligraphy (Kitabat) Course– This two years course is providing a source to preserve the art of Urdu calligraphy along with modern technique of composing. During the period 18 students were enrolled and (6) six students completed successfully.
  • Computer Training Course– The ‘O’ level one year computer training course is running in collaboration with National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, Govt. of India. During the period 60 students enrolled.
  • Coaching for WBCS(Exe) EtcExam – To provide assistance to aspirants for WBCS(Exe) Etc. exam, the Academy has started free coaching with help of professional Agency. 100 candidates have enrolled in 2018 for the coaching.


  • Book grant for meritorious students: Scheme was started in 2018 for students who passed Madhyamik / High Madrasah/ Higher Secondary or equivalent examination with Urdu as one of the Subject and have scored 65% or more in aggregate. Grant of Rs.5000/- each was given to 1200 students for purchase of course book and meeting up admission expenses during 2018.
  • Scholarship: Under the scheme, scholarships are provided to meritorious students from class VI to M. A. (Post Graduate) course in Urdu. The scholarships are sanctioned on basis of marks obtained in aggregate and in Urdu in the previous examination, students securing 65% and above marks in Urdu and 50% marks in aggregate and whose family income is less than Rs.8000/- per month are eligible for such scholarship. During the period 3225 students got the scholarship of Rs.81,32,400/- .

Structure of Scholarship : M.A. in Urdu Rs. 9,000/- each for 45 students for fresher and 45 students renewd for 2nd year. B.A. (Hons) Urdu Rs. 5,400/-each for 540 students for for fresher and 2nd and 3rd year.

Class XII Rs. 3,600/- for 270 students
Class XI Rs. 3,600/- for 270 students
Class X Rs. 1,800/- for 450 students
Class IX Rs. 1,800/- for 450 students
Class VIII Rs. 1,800/- for 450 students
Class VII Rs. 1,800/- for 450 students
Class VI Rs. 1,800/- for 450 students


  • Mobile Library – To promote the book reading culture, Academy has launched a mobile Library Service at the door step of Urdu Population. The library made visits to places with concentration of Urdu speaking population.
  • Central Urdu library – The Library has a rich and rare collections of Urdu books and manuscripts some dated back to 950 hijri like Aine- Akbari by Abu Fazal, Diwan-e-Waqif, Gauhar Asfa etc. 125 such rare books have been digitized with the help of state Central Library.
  1. Construction of Branch Office of West Bengal Urdu Academy at Islampur and Asansol is underway.

Asansol Branch Office Islampur Branch Office PUBLICATION

  1. During the period Academy has received 24 Manuscripts for Subsidy Scheme
  2. For own publication scheme 47 manuscripts received and processed for printing.
  3. Under the scheme of Common question paper subsidized question paper were provided on to 13 schools this year.
  1. The quarterly literary Magazine Rooh-e-Adab is regularly published with a total of 3 editions and

2250 copies were printed, last issue is under process. Translation work for the Novel “EK CHADAR MAILI SI” by Rajindar Singh Bedi into Bengali is going on. FUNCTIONS

  • Academy organizes Seminars, Mushairas, Dramas and a dedicated Urdu Book Fair every year for promotion of Urdu language and Culture.
  • Urdu Book Fair: From 20th to 28th January 2018, 11th All India Urdu Book Fair was organized wherein 35 publishers and booksellers had participated and a business of Rs. 18 lakhs was conducted.
  • The Academy participated in 2 outstation Book Fairs including the World Book Fair at New Delhi and the 20th All India Book Fair organized by NCPUL at Mumbai. The Academy also participated in the Kolkata Book Fair 2018.
  • Seminars
  1. The Academy also organized 16 Seminars from April to August 2018.
  2. 17 colleges and universities applied and organized seminars and workshop in collaboration with

West Bengal Urdu Academy. Common Question Scheme Under the scheme Academy has provided the subsidized question paper to different schools Year No. Of School No. of Students 2018 13 4893

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